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Disclaimer: I have had the thought that I wanted to write a dystopian type book. But instead of writing all of it and then publishing it, I thought it would be neat to write it one chapter at a time on my blog. I had this idea. Then I read a post, I believe, by The Robert D about just getting started. So I did get started. And guess what. I figured out that I don't think I like writing fiction. I also thought about writing dystopian and got the feeling that I would definitely get really, really, really depressed trying to write something like that. The great thing about starting is that I figured out more about myself then I would have if I had never even tried. I would still be thinking I want to write a fictional book and daydreaming about what it would be like. Now, I can move on, try other things, work on blogging, and building my carpet cleaning business.


(The first and only chapter.)

 - December 25

It's been awhile since I've recorded something.


I know I should enter more.

But I get so busy. There is always more work. I worked all day and still didn't get my assignment done.

Oh well. They'll probably add more work to my assignment sheet tomorrow anyway.


I keep hearing the words of Grandpa, though.


"Don't forget. You must record everything you see. Only then will you understand."

"Record everything."


Grandpa wanted me to record my work? What I eat for breakfast? What did he mean? Was he crazy?

I'm sure there is a reason. He was always so nice to me and seemed so wise.

I remember visiting him with my parents and sitting on his knee. Looking up at his wrinkled, worn face, and he would tell me stories. Oh the stories he told, of men sailing ships to unknown worlds, meeting wild people. People fighting other people and their battles. Men going out into space. Wow, such stories!


I miss his stories.



I miss him.


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