The Podcasts I Listen To, & How

Shared on: Jan 29, 2016
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There are a lot of podcasts out there. I like hearing what others are listening to, so let me share with you which ones I listen to. :)

(All the links are to the iTunes podcast feed for that particular show. But if you click the link on your smartphone, it will ask you to decide which App to open it with. At least mine does.)

  • Chris LoCurto - link - Never Miss It. - I have followed Chris ever since he was the voice for the EntreLeadership podcast. He knows a ton about business, personality styles, decision making skills, and more.
  • Andy Andrews - link - Never Miss It. - Andy Andrews has written a lot of books. I have read only one, but can't wait to read his others. He takes life questions from people and answers them. Such as, "How did you raise your boys so well." "I feel like I have a lot of talents/interests, but what do I do with them." You have to listen to understand what I mean. Just try it.
  • Ray Edwards - link - Never Miss It. - Ray is a copywriter. A person that writes the words for advertisements. He shares great insights into business, marketing, and other things. Recently he has started doing three podcasts a week. One thing I really enjoy is that he also includes a spiritual segment.
  • EntreLeadership - link - Never Miss It. - EntreLeadership is business, leadership, marketing, etc. from Dave Ramsey the money guy. But it's not hosted by Dave Ramsey. The guy that does the interviews is Ken Coleman. They interview amazing people.
  • Michael Hyatt - link - Never Miss It. - Michael has been a CEO of a large company, knows about social media, is a professional bloggers, but has great leadership and life advice.

Here are some that I don't listen to all the time, but I still check them out every once in awhile.

  • Dave Ramsey - link - The radio show cut up in one hour segments with a lot less advertisements.
  • Read to Lead - link - Interviews with authors of a variety of topics: business, marketing, self-improvement, etc.
  • Beyond the To Do List - link - Interviews with people about how they get things done, etc.
  • Amy Porterfield - link - She talks about online marketing like Facebook ads, etc.
  • Lewis Howes - link - He interviews people and asks them how they got to where they are now, their struggles, and their definition of greatness.

Here are the rest that I just didn't want to find the link or write a description.

  • 48 Days to the Work You Love - Dan Miller
  • BNI
  • Perpetual Traffic - Digital Marketer
  • Podcast Answer Man
  • Jeff Goins

How I listen to the podcasts:

I listen to the podcasts on my smartphone. I have an android. The App I use is called Podkicker Pro - link. I started with the free version - link. With this App, I have the settings to where it only checks for new episodes when I'm on wifi or charging and on wifi. That way it doesn't eat up all my data plan. Then there is a setting to automatically download the podcasts I always listen to, while just showing me the ones that are new on the other podcasts I don't listen to all the time. After I finish listening to an episode I have it so it deletes it from my phone.


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