Why I'm Taking a Year Long Hiatus

Shared on: Feb 18, 2014
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I've felt I need to take a break from blogging, for the next YEAR.


In thinking about it, writing on my blog for you is a lot of fun. I get a lot more ideas for blogging on here than I do for my carpet cleaning business. After a while, I felt like all I wanted to do was write here.

So, I think I need to let this be. Just until Christmas.

I really need to focus on my business. I need what the author of The Power of An Hour, Dave Lakhani, calls "Fearsome Focus."

But instead of just for an hour, I need it for this entire year.

I created a very small motivational idea to get me through the goals I'm working on. So far, it hasn't helped me a ton, but it has pushed me to do the action steps that are connected with my goals for this year.

Here it is if you want to check it out! - 21 Days of Focus

Please do share your thoughts, though. What is distracting you from your goals, which you really should be working on? How are you going to get focused on those goals? Leave a comment!

Please click those cute little share buttons! Ahhh, aren't they just the cutest.


Coming Up: Since I'm taking a break, you'll need to subscribe to get the next post! I know, one more stinking email in my inbox, yuck! But I won't be writing for a while, so you'll need to follow me somehow to get the next post.

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